About the Scheme

The 2013-14 WFTV Mentees at their induction.

Our Mentoring Scheme is designed for women who have more than 5 years experience working in TV, film or digital production. We welcome anyone working in editorial, craft or business roles in any genre. 

We like to have as diverse a group as possible so we positively encourage people from different disciplines. So far, we’ve had a set decorator, an agent, a financier, a colourist, a technical ops director, DoPs and editors, a vision mixer, a presenter, a couple of distributors, a media lawyer,  a composer, an AD, and a voice over artist as well as directors, producers and writers. We would love to expand this list even further. 

Over six months, selected participants receive six hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure, combined with an intensive programme of seminars, training workshops and networking opportunities.

Applications for the 2017 WFTV Mentoring Scheme are now open, An application form for the scheme can be found here.  The closing date is midnight Wednesday 17th August 2016. Applications received after that time will NOT be considered. 

Got questions? Read the FAQs here or email info@wftv.org.uk



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Here's what our mentees say about the scheme:

I applied for this scheme not expecting to be chosen because I am not production crew. I was, therefore, thrilled to be chosen and was truly impressed with its structure and purpose. I discovered that this scheme is appropriate to ANYONE who is mid-career and needs to reconnect with themselves in some professional way. The creation of this supportive female network is inspired and definitely the best thing about the scheme. I would definitely recommend this scheme 100%.(Anita Gupta, Set Decorator/Production Buyer, Mentee 2015)

"Having worked at a facility for 6 years, I had never needed to network. I didn't do a film degree so didn't have a plethora of contacts/buddies who could either hire me or point me towards to right people who could hire me. I didn't even know what daily rates were reasonable across the industry. The scheme gave me focus - a strategy. It kicked me into 'business mode' - I now, for example, have a shiny new CV and website and have met tonne of potential employers that seem keen to work with me. My knowledge of the freelancing world and the industry as a whole has increased hugely, and with that, my confidence in 'selling myself' (a somewhat alien idea to me). The mentor scheme was absolutely brilliant and I have already recommended it to so many women and will continue to do so." (Lucy Johnstone, Sound Editor, Mentee 2015)

"I was once described as 'a racehorse who would just keep running and running until it dropped down dead'. I signed up to the mentee scheme because I had forgotten what race I was in, what prize, if any, I was running for and whether the donkeys in the neighbouring field had it better!. The scheme forced me to stop, look around, take stock and then focus on what it is that tempted me into the industry in the first place. The rest of the mentees gave me crucial perspective, support, and insight to the wider industry. I felt less alone, regularly inspired and positively accountable - so often just showing up is half the battle (or 80% of success, if Woody Allen is to be believed). If you get the chance, you won't regret it, SIGN UP! " (Emma Smithwick, Head of Scripted Content, Mentee 2015)

 “It feels like the scheme is a kind of porthole and once you go through it, you can't turn back because you've made a commitment and you're accountable to the other mentees, your mentor and most of all yourself and that’s very powerful.”(Sofia Olins, Director, Mentee 2015)

“The WFTV mentoring scheme has been one of the very best things that I have done for my career. It forced me to take my head out of the sand and do the work on areas that I had neglected i.e. networking, contact building and focusing on long term goals. It also allowed me to meet, bond and be a part of a new network of brilliant women - my fellow mentees. We all saw some benefit of doing this scheme and supported each other along the way.” (Christiana Ebohon, Director, Mentee 2015)

“The mentoring scheme fosters an incredibly supportive and safe environment to openly identify obstacles (both professional and personal), push boundaries, learn new skills, ask questions and take risks.” Fleur Jago, Producer (Mentee 2014)

“It's so much more than a mentoring scheme. It's a total transformation programme for your career. It's made me realise what I can do and that it's so much more than I expected. I feel inspired, empowered and kind of unstoppable.”  (Mentee 2013)

“The mentoring scheme was really magical - it unfolded in both typical and surprising ways, I learned not only so much about the industry but about myself. It was challenging and yet so much fun!”  Meghan Horvath, Director (Mentee 2013)

The scheme made me take time out to reflect and remind myself of all the real reasons I had got into TV, reigniting my original passion and belief, which was the perfect antidote to the day to day humdrum of the workplace and boring political battles.” (Mentee 2012)

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