Applications for the Scheme

Our Mentoring Scheme is designed for women who have more than 5 years experience working in TV, film or digital production. We welcome anyone working in editorial, craft or business roles in any genre. 

Applications for the 2017 WFTV Mentoring Scheme are now open, an application An application form for the scheme can be found here.  The closing date is midnight Wednesday 17th August 2016. Applications received after that time will NOT be considered.

I applied for this scheme not expecting to be chosen because I am not production crew. I was, therefore, thrilled to be chosen and was truly impressed with its structure and purpose. I discovered that this scheme is appropriate to ANYONE who is mid-career and needs to reconnect with themselves in some professional way. The creation of this supportive female network is inspired and definitely the best thing about the scheme. I would definitely recommend this scheme 100%.(Anita Gupta, Production Buyer, Mentee 2015)

Over six months, selected participants receive six hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure, combined with an intensive programme of seminars, training workshops and networking opportunities.

The 2013 Mentee group.

Questions? Read the FAQs on our mentoring scheme here or contact

I think in all honesty career wise I was my own worst enemy until I came on the scheme. And listening to my fellow mentees on the induction day, it seemed a lot of us had the same problem. We weren't pushing ourselves forward for roles we were more than qualified for. For some reason we were holding ourselves back. The scheme taught me to stop thinking about why I can't do something and instead focus on how I can. Celebrate what I have to offer, rather than what I lack." (Mentee 2015)

"'Networking' and 'career goals' were words that made me feel faintly nauseous six months ago. Now I'm embracing them and am in fact genuinely celebrating them. Turns out networking is not about thrusting business cards on people and trying to sell myself, rather it's about making genuine relationships with interesting people who share common ideas, peolple who inspire and energise me, and I them. The female solidarity I've got from being on the scheme has been incredibly galvanising.These six months have definitely been a hell of a ride - a rollercoaster of ups and downs - that's forced me to look hard at myself and where I'm going. I've come out stronger, more confident and with a clarity I simply couldn't find before this all started. (Mentee 2015)