26th November 2015
Carol Morley, writer-director of The Falling and Dreams Of A Life, has been named as the recipient of the 2015 Wellcome Trust Screenwriting Fellowship, in partnership with BFI and Film4. Morley receives an award of £30,000 ($45,000) together with access to Wellcome Trust’s world-renowned scientists, labs and research. Morley follows in the footsteps of previous Fellowship recipients Clio Barnard (2013) and Jonathan Glazer (2014).
26th November 2015
Male experts still outnumber female experts on the main TV news bulletins by more than three to one, a study has found, despite a campaign to improve the number of women on screen. However, there has been some progress, particularly on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme, which has halved the ratio of men to women over the last five years. Prof Lis Howell, the head of broadcasting at City University’s department of journalism, measured how the gender balance of experts on TV news had changed since her last study in 2014.
25th November 2015
Elena Trape’s Waiting for Time to Stand Still, Julia Solomonoff’s Nobody’s Watching and Liliana Torres’ What Have We Done Wrong? are some of the titles in the lineup of Miss Wasabi Films, the Barcelona-based production shingle of Spanish helmer Isabel Coixet (My Life Without Me, The Secret Life of Words).
24th November 2015
The New York Times has written about Hollywood sexism before. Last year, we saw a three-part series from Manohla Dargis on the institutional discrimination against women directors in the industry. But Maureen Dowd's exposé on the issue late last week took it to a whole different level.
23rd November 2015
Set in 1952 NYC, Carol tells the story of the love between two women. Standing in for writer Patricia Highsmith, on whose novel The Price of Salt the film is based, Therese (played by a never better Rooney Mara) is an observer of the world. Carol is played by the always good (and by good, I mean super-terrific) Cate Blanchett. The women are opposites in many ways. Blanchett is smoldering and looks like she might explode at any minute, while Rooney is young, restrained and unclear of her place in the world.
18th November 2015
The situation for women in Hollywood is dire, and more eyes are on the issue than ever, thanks to a civil rights investigation launched by the ACLU earlier this year. However, as the statistics show, the problem extends far beyond who’s sitting in the director’s chair. In the top 100 highest-grossing films of 2014, 27 movies did not have a single woman credited as a director, writer, editor, producer (above the associate level) or cinematographer. That’s more than a quarter of movies that didn’t have a single woman in any top-level position.
18th November 2015
With Suffragette now in theaters, what lessons can we glean from this powerful story in the current struggle for gender equality in Hollywood? While women in entertainment certainly aren't kicked and beaten when they demand fairness and parity, the marginalization that female protestors faced a century ago in the U.K. resonate with today's fights for greater representation in the media, particularly in the struggle to be viewed as equally worthy -- both as storytellers and as protagonists -- to men.
17th November 2015
Film London and The Wapping Project are pleased to announce a new award, funded by the Women's Playhouse Trust (WPT) and presented as part of the annual Film London Jarman Award. The Jules Wright Prize for Female Creative Technicians recognises those working in the field of artist filmmaking and will be awarded to one of four UK-based technicians who have played a significant role in the area of artists' moving image production, with the focus this year on the cinematography.
17th November 2015
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the body behind the Academy Awards, is launching a new initiative to encourage more diversity in Hollywood called A2020.
16th November 2015
The Irish Film Board (IFB) has said that it recognises that major underrepresentation of women exists in Irish film. Gender inequality is an area of major concern to current board members and the IFB is currently developing a new strategy which will declare its strong commitment to gender equality.