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14th September 2015 Suffragette Preview Screening WFTV Review

Suffragette Preview Screening WFTV Review

27th January 2014 Get social media savvy for 2014

Last week WFTV members gathered, laptops at the ready, for a session entitled ‘Taking the Fear Out of Social Media’. With the expertise of digital agency Native LDN, our members were given an introduction to LinkedIn and Twitter with advice on presenting your professional personality online and how to avoid common social media mistakes!

22nd July 2013 An Evening of Energy, Celebration and .... Did I Mention Wine?

I bloody love women.  I love being one. I love working with them. I love being supported by them. There is nothing more inspiring than the bond of unity that exists between women working together for a common goal - whether personal or professional. Which is one of the reasons I'm a member of WFTV - albeit a brand new one.

15th July 2013 9 Awesome Resources For The Geeky Feminist

WFTV member Siân Fever is the organiser of the Geek Feminism track at the upcoming Nine Worlds GeekFest, a weekend-long, multi-genre, residential GeekFest in London in August. She gives WFTV her exclusive guide to all things geeky and feminist online.

12th June 2013 Women at Film and Television Festivals

It’s the start of the UK’s film festival season! After getting a slight tan during the rain-free days at Cannes we are now heading en masse for the far more glamorous Sheffield Doc/Fest

10th June 2013 The Graduate: Rounding Off the 2013 WFTV Mentoring Scheme in Style

On 6 June 2013 our current crop of mentees celebrated 'graduating' from the scheme by producing a glitzy ceremony at The Hospital Club in London. Mentee Natalie Samson shares her experience of helping to organise and host the event, and what it feels like to have come to the end of an intense 6-month experience on the scheme.

28th May 2013 From WFTV's Directing Change to Directing My First Feature

So, this is it: the final few weeks of post on my debut feature, Delicious, a darkly comic romance about a French chef who falls for an obsessive dieter. The film stars Louise Brealey, best known as the lovelorn Molly Hooper in TV’s Sherlock, and Nico Rogner, from César winning film Seraphine. We’re working towards a deadline as the film has been selected for LUFF (London UK Film Focus), which runs from 24th - 27 June.

9th May 2013 My Big Break... by WFTV Award-Winning Writer Jo Ho

I came into the industry cold, with no contacts or experience, hadn't even studied it at university.  I was in my early 20s, broke, stuck with a student loan and useless degree before I knew I wanted to work in showbiz.  Against the wishes of my entire family (including all those far flung ones in Hong Kong), I committed myself to learning about this business of show.

7th May 2013 The Miracle of Mentoring by Mentee Emma Lindley

I am wearing waterproof mascara for the last day of our Women in Film and TV Mentoring Scheme.  Six months after we started, twenty talented women are now firm friends and, together, helped by our industry mentors, we have changed our lives from the inside out.

12th April 2013 Creative Originality Leads to Commission

Coincidences are a fine thing but maybe this was just meant to happen.

4th April 2013 Turning Up the Confidence

After a wander through the labyrinthine Business Design Centre tucked away in Islington, I entered the bright and vibrant space of The Impact Factory for an Assertiveness workshop with the equally bright and vibrant Kate Arneil.

27th March 2013 Camera/Woman

Last week I interviewed filmmaker Karima Zoubir who directed the documentary Camera/Woman. The film was screening here in London as part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival - a great annual event highlighting everyday breaches of human rights through the medium of film.

20th March 2013 The Making of Miriam: A Short Film Crafted by WFTV Mentees

In January 2011, having been selected as 1 of twenty participants on the WFTV Mentoring Scheme that year, I arrived for the induction day. When I applied for the scheme, my sole thought had been of my mentor and how my interactions with that person could help me reach the next level of my career. Little did I know then that several of my fellow mentees would become, just two years later, my film collaborators (and great friends!). I was also delighted to discover that my mentor, Carol Wiseman, was an old-school filmmaker.

12th March 2013 Knowledge is Power

Last week I had a lovely chat with the Women in Film and Television team regarding a new collaboration between WFTV (UK) and the websites I edit, KFTV (formerly KEMPS) and The Knowledge.

20th February 2013 You Cannot Be Serious!

A Discussion About The Status of Women directors on the occasion of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.