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Shamim Sarif & Hanan Kattan on Despite the Falling Snow
Writer-director Shamim Sarif (left) and producer Hanan Kattan are the WFTV members behind new release Despite the Falling Snow. They tell WFTV Head of Communications Emma Morgan about obstacles, integrity and exhaustion...
In the Spotlight...Susanna White

Film and TV director Susanna White is gearing up for the release of her latest feature, Our Kind of Traitor.  The film is based on the John le Carré novel and successfully pulls off a contemporary political thriller that is beautifully shot by Anthony Don Mantle (Slumdog Millionaire) with compelling performances from a stellar cast that includes; Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgård, Damian Lewis and Naomi Harris.

WFTV Award-Winner Caroline O Reilly on Producing ‘Feast of Varanasi’

Producing my first mainstream feature film Feast of Varanasi in India was initially quite daunting, mainly because as a script supervisor I had already filmed in India on the TV show Sharpe with Sean Bean – so I knew how challenging the process would be. But the move from script supervisor to producer was a relatively smooth transition in comparison!

Everybody remembers their first…especially in VIRTUAL REALITY!

I remember my first like it was yesterday, walking through the exhibition grounds, trying to find my next source of entertainment. There it stood in front of me, like it was straight out of the movie. I had to give it a go. Standing on a platform wearing this massively clunky headset I was being transported into a new dimension. I found myself part of a bizarre polygonal world with flying pterodactyls diving at my head. This was mind blowing, instantly I craved my next VR experience. This was circa.1995.

New Blog: #52FilmsByWomen Challenge with Lindsey Dryden

There are thousands of wonderful women filmmakers out there but we don't always get to hear about them and their work. Documentary filmmaker and WFTV member, Lindsey Dryden, wanted to tackle this head on, not only by seeking out films for herself, but also by sharing her thoughts on them with our readers.

In the Spotlight...Kate Hopkins

Wolves, sharks and polar bears are just a few of the fascinating audio briefs sound editor Kate Hopkins has grappled with throughout her multi-award-winning career.

In the Spotlight...Hilary Briegel

Award-winning Vision Mixer, Hilary Briegel, has helped bring to life some of the most memorable television moments in British broadcasting history from the 2012 London Olympics, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to numerous General Elections.  She is also renowned in the industry for the breadth of her work, with credits ranging from, Absolutely Fabulous, Vic and Bob’s

In the Spotlight...Emma Pill

Emma Pill is one of the top Location Managers in the business, with a film career spanning multiple genres and production styles from blockbuster action, fantasy spectacle to period drama.

In the Spotlight...Jeanie Finlay

If you had to paint a picture of a successful artist and filmmaker, then Jeanie Finlay is probably the portrait you’d end up with.  Not only has she won a stack of awards and nominations for her documentary making (Sound It Out, The Great Hip-Hop Hoax, and Orion: The Man Who Would be King) she is also renowned for producing creative artworks to accompany her films.

In the Spotlight...Lesley Manville

Cards on the table - I’m a fan of Lesley Manville. And, I’m not alone.  She is a multi-award winning actress, with a career spanning several decades, across, theatre, film and TV.