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In the Spotlight...Hilary Briegel

Award-winning Vision Mixer, Hilary Briegel, has helped bring to life some of the most memorable television moments in British broadcasting history from the 2012 London Olympics, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to numerous General Elections.  She is also renowned in the industry for the breadth of her work, with credits ranging from, Absolutely Fabulous, Vic and Bob’s

In the Spotlight...Emma Pill

Emma Pill is one of the top Location Managers in the business, with a film career spanning multiple genres and production styles from blockbuster action, fantasy spectacle to period drama.

In the Spotlight...Jeanie Finlay

If you had to paint a picture of a successful artist and filmmaker, then Jeanie Finlay is probably the portrait you’d end up with.  Not only has she won a stack of awards and nominations for her documentary making (Sound It Out, The Great Hip-Hop Hoax, and Orion: The Man Who Would be King) she is also renowned for producing creative artworks to accompany her films.

In the Spotlight...Lesley Manville

Cards on the table - I’m a fan of Lesley Manville. And, I’m not alone.  She is a multi-award winning actress, with a career spanning several decades, across, theatre, film and TV.

In the Spotlight... Aimée Anderson

Aimée Anderson is a PR and Brand expert at the leading film and entertainment agency, DDA. She lives and breathes communications and is credited with building the firm’s brand practice from scratch and winning a raft of top draw clients such as; Swarovski, Electrolux and Red Bull. It was probably therefore no surprise, to those in the industry, when she was recently promoted to the role of Managing Director.

In the Spotlight...Janet Harrison

“Just do it,” is a motto Janet Harrison lives by. She is a film producer, writer, businesswoman and founder of the comedy film festival, COFILMIC. And, as if her schedule wasn’t quite busy enough, she is about to head up a northern branch of WFTV.

COFILMIC was conceived back in 2010, when Janet discovered, to her dismay, a lack of outlets for emerging comedy filmmakers and writers to showcase their work. Her remedy was to set up her own festival.

Suffragette Preview Screening - WFTV Review

Monday, September 14, 2015

Women in Film and Television were fortunate enough to be invited by Pathe to a preview of the much-anticipated historical drama Suffragette. The preview took place at 20th Century Fox on Friday 4 September, the same evening as the world premiere.

In The Spotlight...Fiona Gillies

Professionally speaking, Fiona Gillies is a wearer of many hats. An actor and a producer, she also owns and runs, Scoop Films, alongside her joint co-founders, Michael Mueller and Raj Sharma.

The team at Scoop has produced two features thus far, City Slacker and The Beat Beneath My Feet, both of which attracted prestigious award nominations on the Festival circuit.

In The Spotlight...Mercy Liao
For British film-makers keen to crack the Chinese market, the ratification of the Sino-UK Film Co-Production Treaty at The Great Festival of Creativity in Shanghai in March this year, was a crucial step forward in opening up greater cooperation between the two film industries.
Help Support New Short No Man's Land Produced by WFTV's Natalie Samson

Head of WFTV Awards and Events, Natalie Samson, is producing new short film No Man's Land, directed by Andy Kerestes for his London Film School graduation project. 

Joining their team are WFTV members Nicola Daley (cinematographer) and Belinda Cusmano‬ (production designer), who will be working as HOD's for the film. WFTV Awards and Events Assistant, Ellie Jones, is also on board to run the project's social media campaign.