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APRIL 2020 events

WFTV Wellbeing: Stress relief meditation with Emma Davis
Stress Relief Emma Davis
Emma Davis.jpeg
Emma Davis | Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Would you like some strategies to manage stress and tension quickly and easily? The lockdown presents many mental health challenges – whether or not you are still working, alongside concerns about health, loved ones, and finances.

Yoga offers solutions as a physical practice but also in meditative exercises, one of which is yoga nidra – which allows the body to relax whilst the mind remains alert. Yoga nidra is practiced lying down so you can let go completely. Blankets are commonly used, as well as anything that will help you get into a totally comfortable, restful position.

Creating Effective CVs, a webinar followed by 1-2-1 advice, with Sara Putt
Sara Putt.png
Sara Putt | Agent & MD of Sara Putt Associates

Your CV is your passport to your next job, but making sure it is relevant to the role you are applying for and fully reflects your skills and experience is no easy task. Thankfully, Sara Putt  of leading industry agency Sara Putt Associates is here to help.

This is a great opportunity to fine tune your CV and get yourself on track to land that next big job.

Effective CV SPutt 2020
WFTV Wellbeing: Practical de-stress workshop with guided relaxation technique
Practical de-stress workshop
Nina Joshi Ramsey| Author

In the current climate, many of you are likely to be experiencing high stress levels. In this event, Nina gives an overview about our stress response and how managing it can support our immune systems.


She will lead a practical paper exercise and close with a guided relaxation technique that can be used regularly to release stress and tension held in our bodies. Come armed with your notebooks – you’re going to want to make notes so you can put these techniques into practice later!

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