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AUGUST 2020 events

How to use social media effectively: The Dots with Pip Jamieson
SM The Dots
Jessica Bendien.jpeg
Pip Jamieson | Founder & CEO of The Dots
Jessica Bendien | Founder of Celebrity Booking & Talent Casting Agency, BANG TALENT & Creator of 'FINDING FAME (for Good)

Over the last few months, digital platforms have helped us stay connected on both a personal and professional level more than ever. Throughout the How to use social media efficiently events strand we will be exploring how you can best use these platforms to share and promote your work and grow your audience.

Speaking to experts, we will looking at tips and tricks around maximising your professional online brand. Looking at how to navigate each platform to showcase your work with online platforms to be able to get it seen, develop your career, find job prospects and grow connections with collaborators.

WFTV Meet the Commissioner: Danny Horan, Head of Factual, Channel 4
Danny Horan | Head of Factual at Channel 4

Have you got a fantastic idea for a ground-breaking documentary or series? Would you like to find out how to get your programme proposal commissioned?

WFTV Chair, Liz Tucker will be in conversation with Danny Horan, Head of Factual at Channel 4 who will share his thoughts about what makes great television and explain what you need to do to get that elusive commission.

Danny’s department is responsible for a wide range of shows including 24 Hours in Police Custody, 24 Hours in A & E, First Dates, Crime & Punishment, Snackmasters, Jade: The Reality Star That Changed Britain, Barrymore: Body in the Pool and The Family Secret.

Danny Horan
WFTV Meet the Commissioner: Emma Westcott, Commissioning Editor, Factual Channel 5
Emma Westcott | Commissioning Editor, Factual at Channel 5

Have you got a fantastic idea for a ground-breaking documentary or series? Would you like to find out how to get your programme proposal commissioned?

WFTV Chair, Liz Tucker will be in conversation with Emma Westcott, Commissioning Editor, Factual at Channel 5 who will share her thoughts about what makes great television and explain what you need to do to get that elusive commission.

Emma’s department is responsible for a wide range of shows including The Accused; Slum Britain: 50 Years On; Squadies at 16:Raw Recruits; Escaping the Witnesses; Cowboy Builders; Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun; The Railway: First Great Western; Benidorm ER; Hens Behaving Badly and The Ohio Slave Girls.

Emma Westcott
WFTV Q&A: Panel discussion with the talent behind I Hate Suzie, Sky Atlantic
Kahleen Crawford | Casting Director
Julie Gardner | Executive Producer for Bad Wolf
Andrea Dewsbery | Television Producer
Leila Farzad | Actor
Georgi Banks-Davies | Director
Rhianna Dhillon | Film and TV critic

Join us for this one off panel discussion from the talent behind I Hate Suzie, an eight part series which will be airing on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on 27th August.

Chaired by renowned film and TV critic Rhianna Dhillon, we will be hearing from Leila Farzad, Actor, Georgi Banks-Davies , Director, Julie Gardner, Executive Producer for Bad Wolf, Andrea Dewsbery, Producer and Kahleen Crawford, Casting Director. The talent will talk about their experiences from an on and off screen perspective, offering insights into the production which include casting and what it was like working on the project.

I hate Suzie Evnt
WFTV Q&A: In Conversation with Kate McCullough, Director of Photography on Normal People
Kate McCullough.jpeg
Kate McCullough | Director of Photography
Caroline Bridges | Director of Photography

In this session, Kate will be offering an insight into the craft of cinematography and her experiences of working as one of the two female cinematographers on the hit drama series, Normal People.

The conversation will explore the technical and creative aspects of cinematography, including Kate’s experiences of working with the creative team on set to create and develop the distinctive look of the show, reflections on her creative visual references and personal shooting style as well as an insight into what equipment she gravitated towards to help tell the intimate story of Marianne and Connell.

Caroline Bridges.jpeg
Normal People
WFTV Q&A: With the Co-Director & Producer; Gilberte Phanor behind the documentary The Killing of George Floyd
Gillian Joseph.jpeg
Gilberte Phanor TV News Producer
Gillian Joseph | Sky News Presenter

Join WFTV for a conversation with Gilberte Phanor (Nelson Mandela: The Struggle Is My Life) Co-Director, Producer and WFTV Mentee behind the documentary 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds... The Killing of George Floyd. Gillian Joseph, Sky News Presenter, will be hosting the Q&A and asking Gilberte all your questions.In this session, Gilberte will talk about her experiences of filming her documentary following the death of George Floyd and the role it has to play in overturning oppression and institutional racism.

The documentary aired, 3 weeks after the death of George Floyd, simultaneously across Sky News, Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness and Sky Documentaries and is available on YouTube.

At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to put your questions to the speakers during the Q&A.

8 Minutes and 46 Seconds... The Killing of George Floyd is available on Sky Documentaries and NOW TV and you watch it on YouTube.

Killing of George Floyd

WFTV Running Productions Under COVID-19: Costume

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 14.38.08.png
Molly Emma Rowe, Costume Designer
Odile Dicks-Mireaux, Costume Designer
Georgina Gunner , Costume Supervisor

This session will be hosted by costume designer, Molly Emma Rowe (The Last Kingdom) who will be in conversation with BAFTA winning costume designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux (Chernobyl) and costume supervisor, Georgina Gunner (Devs) discussing how the costume sector is adapting to new working conditions under the current Covid-19 guidelines.

Molly, Odile and Georgina will explore some of the key changes and working measures costume and wardrobe departments are currently implementing across the film and television sector.

You may find it useful to read some of the screen industry guidance before the seminar by following the links here:

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 14.38.24.png
Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 14.38.32.png
C19 Costume
WFTV Wellbeing: The Priority List, How To Create Joy And Wellbeing In Uncertain Times
Jo Moseley .jpeg
Jo Moseley | Motivational Speaker

If you are in need of a motivational boost, this event is one for you. The talk will explore how to cherish the joy of movement and outdoor adventures for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It will also address how to find purpose and create your next chapter and midlife portfolio business.

Jo will share how important it is to put YOU on ''The Priority List'' with do-able, evidenced based tips on how to create your own joy and wellbeing plan in uncertain times.

Her goal is for you to leave with the inspiration, information and (if you need it) permission to look after you and create a joyful and healthy life for yourself.

The Priority Lisa

WFTV Online: The Roles Of Chaperones And Regulatory Compliance Explained

Arlene de Cruz.jpeg
Arlene de Cruz | Founder and creator of PART-UK

Following on from the panel event earlier this month, Arlene de Cruz, Founder and creator of PART-UK is offering WFTV members an opportunity to join her for a more in depth presentation style event to learn more about the roles of the chaperones and regulatory compliance for safeguarding children in the entertainment industry.


This bite-size workshop will touch on a broad range of topics from initial production planning, logistics and on-set and backstage management through to reporting and insurance considerations. 

The role of chaperones
WFTV Online: Working with Disabled and Creative Talent
CheryleeHouston .jpg
Melissa Johns .jpeg
Cherylee Houston | Actor
Melissa Johns | Actor
Ruth Madley | Actor

In this panel chaired by Liz Tucker, WFTV Award Winner Cherylee Houston is joined by actors Melissa Johns and Ruth Madley in a positive action led conversation to explore effective strategies for employing and casting disabled writers, directors, producers, actors and other creative talent.

All three of the panellists have led highly successful careers and they will draw both on their personal experiences, also on what they have learnt from their own organisation Triple C, which was set up to address the problems disabled people encounter accessing and participating in the arts, so that we can develop effective solutions to ensure that broadcasters and other creative organisations create a truly inclusive workplace.

Working with disabled talent
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