WFTV Women in Tech: Camera and Lighting – Extreme and Remote Locations

Join us for the next session in our Women in Tech: Camera and Lighting strand, where we will be exploring camera work in remote and extreme locations and environments.

Chaired by natural history, producer director, Lucy Wells, the event is aimed at camera operators who are interested moving into this area, those who want to step up to the role and also for production teams who are considering remote or extreme locations for their film and television projects.

The event will cover how to best plan for shoots, how to trouble-shoot technical issues on-site and offer tips and techniques to get the very best out of your extreme location shoot.

Lucy will be in conversation with Director of Photography, Gail Jenkinson, a specialist in extreme and challenging environment camera work.



Producer Director

Lucy Wells

ucy has been specialising in wildlife television production for 10 years. She has clocked up thousands of hours in the field and has worked in every continent, in a variety of terrains – from deserts to polar landscapes, rainforests to frozen seas, tropical reefs to alpine mountains.

A qualified Zoologist, Lucy has worked across an array of programmes for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and Apple. She has also developed, produced and directed on topside, underwater, aerial, natural history and presenter led documentaries, including the latest BBC landmark, Seven Worlds, One Planet.


Director of Photography

Gail Jenkinson

Gail Jenkinson is a director of photography working in natural history, documentary and specialist factual. Gail has filmed on land, sea and air – across all seven continents and is often deployed to work in remote, challenging and sometimes hostile environments.


She is HSE qualified for filming underwater and is a specialist at working on boats and sea fairing vessels. Recent credits include, BBC’s Blue Planet 2, Dian Fossey – Secrets in the Mist for National Geographic and Discovery’s Gold Rush: White Water.

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