WFTV Writers’ Group: In Conversation with

Toby Bruce and Beth Warin, Dancing Ledge Productions

For November’s Writers’ Group, host Christina Pickworth will be in conversation with Toby Bruce, Head of Development and Beth Warin, Development Executive from Dancing Ledge Productions.

Toby and Beth will be sharing their journeys into the industry and offering an insight to Dancing Ledge; how they work with writers and their new talent schemes, including their Writers in Residence Award.

They will also be talking about Dancing Ledge’s most recent productions The Salisbury Poisoning and Delhi Crime Story and creating drama based on real-life events.


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Head of Development, Dancing Ledge

Toby Bruce

Before joining Dancing Ledge, Toby spent nearly a decade in entertainment and children’s TV, working with a range of talent across a variety of formats and culminating in 2 years as a producer at CBBC.

After moving into drama, he script-read for Kudos, Big Talk, Cowboy Films, Wall to Wall, Altitude Films and Euston Films and was Shadow Script-Editor on the 2015 Channel 4 Screenwriting Course. He has since researched for playwrights David Greig and David Harrower and developed several projects for Unigram Films.

Beth-Warin-Headshot-150x150 (1).jpg

Development Executive, Dancing Ledge

Beth Warin

Beth joined Dancing Ledge in October 2017 after working on the PR, production and agency sides of the TV business. She was also a Freelance Script Reader for various companies, including Pinewood Studios.

Beth works across the whole slate and manages the various schemes Dancing Ledge runs for emerging screenwriters.


Agent, Imagine Talent

Christina Pickworth

Christina is an agent for writers and directors at a small, bespoke agency Imagine Talent, with a list that focuses on emerging talent and female voices. Christina has written feature films, consulted for production companies and financiers, and freelanced at United Agents, as well as spending several years working in film development finance for a fund that invested in 300 British film projects over 3 years.


Christina has previously sat on the selection committee for the BAFTA Rocliffe screenwriting competitions. She was the assistant chair for the Fremantle UK New Talent Award, as part of the Women in Film & Television Awards 2012 and has been a mentor for First Light.

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