WFTV Filmmakers Masterclass: Deeyah Khan, White Right: Meeting the Enemy

In this new strand, we will be hearing from renowned filmmakers who will talk about a film they have made that was particularly important to them and take us behind the scenes to talk about the challenges – whether ethical, legal or production-based – that they faced making it.

In this event, host Barbara Govan will be speaking to documentary filmmaker and WFTV’s 2018 BBC News and Factual award winner, Deeyah Khan, about her Emmy-winning documentary White Right: Meeting the Enemy.

White Right: Meeting the Enemy documents Muslim filmmaker Deeyah Khan as she meets U.S neo-Nazis and white nationalists face to face and attends the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. As she seeks to understand the personal and political motivations behind the resurgence of far-right extremism in the U.S., Deeyah looks for new possibilities for connection and solutions between human beings by speaking with fascists, racists and proponents of alt-right ideologies.




Deeyah Khan

Deeyah Khan is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary film director and founder of Fuuse, a media and arts company. Deeyah’s 2012 multi-award-winning documentary Banaz: A Love Story chronicles the life and death of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman murdered by her family in a so-called honour killing. 


Deeyah’s second film, the Grierson and Bafta nominated Jihad, involved two years of interviews and filming with Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists and former jihadis. Deeyah’s most recent film is America’s War on Abortion.


CEO Screenhouse

Barbara Govan

Barbara was a journalist and on-screen reporter at ITV in Yorkshire, before becoming a network documentary producer.


She is CEO of Screenhouse, a production company specialising in science and history programmes, and spearheads Screenhouse’s training and new programmes. Barbara is currently making a single documentary for BBC1 for 2021 and creating films for BBC1 The One Show.

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