WFTV Filmmakers Masterclass: Kim Longinotto, Sisters in Law

In this new strand, we will be hearing from renowned filmmakers who will talk about a film they have made that was particularly important to them and take us behind the scenes to talk about the challenges – whether ethical, legal or production-based – that they faced making it.

For our second session, host Alison Millar will be speaking to documentary filmmaker, Kim Longinotto about her critically acclaimed film Sisters in Law. In the town of Kumba, Cameroon, where there have been no convictions in spousal abuse cases for 17 years, the film tells the story of State Prosecutor Vera Ngassa and Court President Beatrice Ntuba as they help women fight often difficult cases of abuse, despite pressures from family and their community to remain silent.



Director and Filmmaker

Kim Longinotto

Kim Longinotto is a documentary filmmaker. Longinotto studied camera and directing at England’s National Film School, where she made Pride of Place, a critical look at her boarding school, and Theatre Girls, documenting a hostel for homeless women.

Her first film in Japan was Eat the Kimono, about the controversial feminist performer Hanayagi Genshu; since then Longinotto has made more than 20 films including Dream Girls, Shinjuku Boys, Rock Wives, Divorce Iranian Style, Gaea Girls, The Day I Will Never Forget, Salma, Dream Catcher and the BAFTA winning Pink Saris.

Her most recent film Shooting the Mafia, premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and secured theatrical distribution in the USA, Australia, Italy, Sweden and France.


Documentary Filmmaker & Founder, Erica Starling Productions

Alison Millar

Alison is one of the UK and Ireland’s most respected documentary filmmakers. She’s a BAFTA, IFTA and Prix Italia winner with a reputation for making emotionally compelling films.

Trained at the National Film and Television School, Alison then worked with Mike Leigh’s producer Simon Channing- Williams at ‘Imagine Films’ in London. She went on to make observational documentaries for BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4 with many of the UK’s best-known Independent Companies, as well as working in-house for the BBC Documentary Department in White City.

Alison moved back to Belfast and founded Erica Starling Productions Ltd in 2010.

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