WFTV Wellbeing: Lockdown Learnings + How to Design a Happier Life

It’s easy to feel lost and confused at the moment. You may have lost your job, or you may feel vulnerable that work and the financial security you once had, now feels more precarious.

Or you may be enjoying a different kind of life now that you have been furloughed, or that home working has meant you have spent more time with your family. This new norm may have made you question your prior life and values.

During this workshop, author and leadership and life coach, Sue Belton, will explain that whatever your situation, now could be the time for you to reassess your life and its’ priorities. 

This session is designed to offer participants the space to consider what exactly it is that they want to return to and how to start honouring core values by designing a more meaningful life.

The workshop aims:

  1. To clarify your life and career vision.

  2. Identify your values.

  3. To identify the one big fear that has been holding you back and start moving it out of the way.



Sue Belton

Sue specialises in coaching high-achieving professionals who are looking for more meaning in their work; people who want to overcome self-doubt, those who want to have more influence and impact, and those people who are keen to work smarter not harder – so that they can spend more quality time with family and friends. 


Sue’s book, Change Your Life in 5: How to Make Meaningful Changes in Your Life was published in April 2020.

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