Panel Talk with Producer, Natalie Lehmann and the Craft Team on His House

Join WFTV for an exclusive interview with the producer, Natalie Lehmann, set designer, Jacqueline Abrahams and costume designer, Holly Rebecca, who will be discussing the debut feature film, His House. The panel will cover idea development and production, and the look and design processes involved in the making of the film.

The talk will be followed by an audience Q&A.

His House tells the story of a young refugee couple, who after making a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan, struggle to adjust to their new life in a small English town that has an unspeakable evil lurking beneath the surface.

His House is available on Netflix from Friday 30 October and is showing in cinemas across the UK.



Jacqueline Abrahams

Set Designer

Jacqueline trained in Fine Art, specialising in performance and live art and was a scenic painter before moving into design. She has designed feature films, short films, various TV drama genres, theatre and performance art.


In 2009 Jacqueline won the BAFTA for best production design, was nominated for a BAFTA in 2010 and won the RTS Best Production Design award in 2010.


Natalie Lehmann


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