WFTV Q&A: In Conversation with the team behind The Sheriff

Join WFTV for a conversation with some of the team behind the feature documentary The Sheriff and an exclusive opportunity to watch the film.

As the world’s attention looks to the upcoming US Presidential election, The Sheriff reveals an insight into Donald Trump’s America through the eyes of candidates in the 2018 elections for local lawmen and how wider political issues impact local law enforcement.

Chaired by Alison Millar, we’ll be hearing from the film’s director Grace Sweeney, location producer Sinéad Ingoldsby and Head of Development at Below the Radar, Claire Burgoyne. The panel will be sharing their experiences of making this fly-on-the-wall documentary and talking about the significant role the Sheriff plays in US politics.

Fierce rivalries, rampaging ambition, and a shot at becoming the highest authority in the land. A curious look at Trump’s America through the eyes of candidates throwing their hats into the ring during the 2018 Sheriff elections. In a country where ‘all politics is local’ the battle to be Sheriff is on the frontline of a divided America. The race is on. Watch the trailer here.




Grace Sweeney

Grace started her career in the Northern Ireland film industry in 2004 and spent nine years working as a camera and video assistant across a range of projects including music videos, live entertainment, feature films and the multi-award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones. Over the past four years, Grace has been working as a freelance Producer/Director in factual television for national and regional broadcasters.

In 2018 Grace directed The Story of Yes, a short film to mark the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. The film was selected to play at several festivals including The Galway Fleadh; Cork Film Festival and Filmkunstfest in Schwerin.

The Sheriff is Grace’s feature documentary directorial debut.


 Location Producer

Sinéad Ingoldsby

Sinéad has been working in the film industry since 2002. As Producer/Director she has delivered entertaining and informative programmes across a variety of genres including observational documentary, specialist factual, entertainment, arts, music, drama, current affairs, and Irish language.

Sinéad worked in-house at the BBC for seven years and as a freelancer has produced content for Channel 4, RTÉ, BBC, TG4, and UTV, as well as many online platforms.


Head of Development, Below the Radar

Claire Burgoyne

Claire Burgoyne is currently Head of Development at Below the Radar in Belfast. Recent commissions include an arts documentary on the Irish writer Colm Tóibín for RTÉ, a multi-part specialist factual series co-pro Rain Stories for TG4, BBC Northern Ireland and other international broadcasters and Saving the Shipyard, an observational documentary for BBC Northern Ireland. Previously Claire worked as a radio producer at the BBC.


Documentary Filmmaker & Founder, Erica Starling Productions

Alison Millar

Alison is one of the UK and Ireland’s most respected documentary filmmakers. She’s a BAFTA, IFTA and Prix Italia winner with a reputation for making emotionally compelling films.

Trained at the National Film and Television School, Alison then worked with Mike Leigh’s producer Simon Channing- Williams at ‘Imagine Films’ in London. She went on to make observational documentaries for BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4 with many of the UK’s best-known Independent Companies, as well as working in-house for the BBC Documentary Department in White City.

Alison moved back to Belfast and founded Erica Starling Productions Ltd in 2010.

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