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OCTOBER 2020 events

WFTV Q&A: In Conversation with the team behind The Sheriff
Grace Sweeney | Director
Sinéad Ingoldsby | London Producer
Claire Burgoyne | Head of Development, Below the Radar
Alison Millar | Documentary Filmmaker & Founder, Erica Starling Productions

Join WFTV for a conversation with some of the team behind the feature documentary The Sheriff and an exclusive opportunity to watch the film.

As the world’s attention looks to the upcoming US Presidential election, The Sheriff reveals an insight into Donald Trump’s America through the eyes of candidates in the 2018 elections for local lawmen and how wider political issues impact local law enforcement.

Chaired by Alison Millar, we’ll be hearing from the film’s director Grace Sweeney, location producer Sinéad Ingoldsby and Head of Development at Below the Radar, Claire Burgoyne. The panel will be sharing their experiences of making this fly-on-the-wall documentary and talking about the significant role the Sheriff plays in US politics.

Fierce rivalries, rampaging ambition, and a shot at becoming the highest authority in the land. A curious look at Trump’s America through the eyes of candidates throwing their hats into the ring during the 2018 Sheriff elections. In a country where ‘all politics is local’ the battle to be Sheriff is on the frontline of a divided America. The race is on. Watch the trailer here.

The Sheriff
WFTV in conversation with nadia hallgren, 
director & dop, becoming
Nadia Hallgren | Filmmaker & Cinematographer
Anna Hall | Creative Director & Executive Producer, Candour Productions

In celebration of Black History Month, please join us for a conversation with Nadia Hallgren, Director and Cinematographer of the Michelle Obama documentary, Becoming, hosted by Anna Hall.

Becoming, now available to watch on Netflix, offers a unique insight into the life and work of former First Lady Michelle Obama. This feature length film goes behind the scenes with her, as she embarks on a 34-city book tour. It features footage from her travels, appearances on talk shows and her time in the White House as First Lady. The documentary is partly based on her memoir of the same name.

See the trailer here. Watch the documentary on Netflix here.
Nadia Hallgren
WFTV Q&A: in conversation with unjoo moon,
director / producer - i am woman
Unjoo Moon
Unjoo Moon | Director & Producer
Chi Thai | Producer
Christiana Ebohon-Green | Director

Join WFTV for a conversation with the director and producer behind the film I Am Woman, Unjoo Moon.

In this event, our host Christiana Ebohon-Green will be speaking to the filmmaker about her experiences of making her debut feature film which tells the story of the late Helen Reddy, writer and singer of ‘I Am Woman’. They will be discussing Unjoo’s inspiration for the film, the story of Helen Reddy’s life and the significance the song ‘I Am Woman’ had during the 1970s women’s liberation movement.

WFTV Q&A: Sorry, i didn't know - breaking the diversity barrier in tv
Claire Bueno | Film journalist, presenter and interviewer
Chizzy Akudolu | Actor
Judi Love | Actor
Minnie Ayres | Executive Producer, TriForce Productions

Join WFTV for an interview with some of the team from a classic comedy panel show but altogether new: Sorry, I Didn’t Know; airing during Black History Month and part of a slate of specially commissioned shows on the channel and promises to be bold and tongue-in-cheek viewing.

Sorry, I Didn’t Know  launched on ITV on Tuesday 6 October 2020, 22.45.  

In this event, host Claire Bueno will be speaking to the show’s Team Captains: Chizzy Akudolu and Judi Love along with the show’s Executive Producer and TriForce Creative Network, Director of Operations: Minnie Ayres.

The panel discusses how the show came about, how it is unique to other comedy panel shows, and why it’s back for ITV’s Black History Month. After the talk you will have opportunity to put your questions to the panel during the audience Q&A.

Sorry I didn't know
WFTV writer's group: in conversation with danielle scott-haughton
Danielle Scott-Haughton
Danielle Scott-Haughton 
Christina Pickworth

For October’s session, Writers’ Group Series Producer Christina Pickworth will be in conversation with Danielle Scott-Haughton, Development Executive at Balloon Entertainment.

Christina and Danielle will be speaking about everything from coming up with ideas and creating scripts, to pitching to companies and working through the development process.

WFTV Q&A: in conversation with director kirsten johnson
and the producers behind dick johnson is dead
Briony Hanson | Director of Film, British Council
Kirsten Johnson | Director | Producer | Cinematographer
Katy Chevigny | Producer
Marilyn Ness | Producer
Maureen A. Ryan | Co-Producer

Join WFTV for an exclusive interview with the director, Kirsten Johnson and the film’s producers; Katy Chevigny and Marilyn Ness, and co-producer, Maureen A. Ryan, to discuss the critically acclaimed documentary feature, Dick Johnson is Dead.

In this event, our host, Briony Hanson, Director of Film at the British Council, will be talking to the director, producer and cinematographer, Kirsten Johnson, about why she chose to make a film about her father and the prospect of his dying in the not too distant future, and the film processes she and her women-led producer team undertook, to create an irreverent, poignant and cinematic film about the ageing process.

A lifetime of making documentaries has convinced award-winning filmmaker Kirsten Johnson of the power of the real. But now she’s ready to use every escapist movie-making trick in the book – staging inventive and fantastical ways for her 86-year-old psychiatrist father to die while hoping that cinema might help her bend time, laugh at pain and keep her father alive forever. The darkly humorous, love letter from a daughter to a father, creatively blending fact and fiction to create a celebratory exploration of how movies give us the tools to grapple with life’s big questions.

Dick Johnson is dead
WFTV Online: The Experts behind Future of Film 2020 discuss their report’s findings & what it
means for the Future of Filmmaking
Future of Film 2020
Helen 324.jpg
Alex Stolz | Founder and Creative Director of Future of FIlm
Sarah Atkinson  | Professor of Screen Media
Helen Kennedy | Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries

We’re joined by the experts behind The Future of Film 2020 Report; senior film executive Alex Stolz, Professor Sarah Atkinson and Professor Helen Kennedy who will be speaking about the findings and what we can expect for the future of filmmaking – from collaborative processes to new and fast developing technology.


In the age of digital disruption, what is the best way to be keep up to date with the development of new technology and how can you upskill correctly to be moving with the times and not be left behind?

WFTV & SKY Collaboration: Exclusive Q&A with Susanne Bier
Susanne Bier | Director 
Rhianna Dhillon | Film and TV Critic

Ahead of Sky’s new mini series of The Undoing which stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant – WFTV collaborated with Sky to provide an exclusive viewing of the Q&A with Oscar and Emmy Award winning writer and director Susanne Bier.


Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon, Susanne discusses the making of The Undoing, which will TX on 26 October – you can watch the Q&A session here.

Susanne Bier
WFTV How to use social media effectively: Getting the content right
SM Get the content right
Eri Jackson | Director, Writer, Associate Creative Director; The Lot

Over the last few months, digital platforms have helped us stay connected on both a personal and professional level more than ever. Throughout the How to use social media efficiently events strand we will be exploring how you can best use these platforms to share and promote your work and grow your audience.

Speaking to experts, we will looking at tips and tricks around maximising your professional online brand. Looking at how to navigate each platform to showcase your work with online platforms to be able to get it seen, develop your career, find job prospects and grow connections with collaborators.

In this session, Eri Jackson from That Lot, will discuss how to produce social content for broadcasters and film campaigns, tips on working with talent and creating Original social formats.

That Lot is a platform-first social creative agency and work with the BBC, Channel 4, Fox and Have I Got News for You and more.

WFTV Filmmakers Masterclass: Kim Longinotto, Sisters in Law
Kim Longinotto | Director and Filmmaker
Alison Millar | Documentary Filmmaker & Founder, Erica Starling Productions

In this new strand, we will be hearing from renowned filmmakers who will talk about a film they have made that was particularly important to them and take us behind the scenes to talk about the challenges – whether ethical, legal or production-based – that they faced making it.

For our second session, host Alison Millar will be speaking to documentary filmmaker, Kim Longinotto about her critically acclaimed film Sisters in Law. In the town of Kumba, Cameroon, where there have been no convictions in spousal abuse cases for 17 years, the film tells the story of State Prosecutor Vera Ngassa and Court President Beatrice Ntuba as they help women fight often difficult cases of abuse, despite pressures from family and their community to remain silent.

Filmmaker Kim Longinotto
WFTV Wellbeing: Lockdown Learnings + How to Design a Happier Life
Lockdown learnings
Sue Belton | Life Coach

It’s easy to feel lost and confused at the moment. You may have lost your job, or you may feel vulnerable that work and the financial security you once had, now feels more precarious.

Or you may be enjoying a different kind of life now that you have been furloughed, or that home working has meant you have spent more time with your family. This new norm may have made you question your prior life and values.

During this workshop, author and leadership and life coach, Sue Belton, will explain that whatever your situation, now could be the time for you to reassess your life and its’ priorities. 

This session is designed to offer participants the space to consider what exactly it is that they want to return to and how to start honouring core values by designing a more meaningful life.

The workshop aims:

  1. To clarify your life and career vision.

  2. Identify your values.

  3. To identify the one big fear that has been holding you back and start moving it out of the way.

WFTV Online: Inclusive Hiring Practices and Positive Action to Diversify Music Production
Nainita Desai | Composer
Yvette Metoyer | Music Supervisor
Abi Leland | Music Supervisor and Founder, Leland Music and Leland Originals
Jenna Fentimen | Head of Creative, Manners McDade

Chaired by Jenna Fentimen, UK Director of the Alliance For Women Film Composers, join us for a discussion with composer Nainita Desai and music supervisors, Yvette Metoyer, Free The Work Music Industry Advocate, and Abi Leland, Board Member of Guild of Music Supervisors.

The panel will be exploring existing structural barriers in the music industry and discussing where, when, and how inclusive hiring practices in music for media can be engaged, to provide audience members with the toolkit to affect change and improve diversity.

This conversation will focus on positive action that can be taken, giving an overview of existing initiatives already underway and signposting resources which platform diverse talent.

This event is aimed at those working in the music industry as well as those who want to develop their knowledge of the process of music production for film, TV and media.

Inclusive hiring in music
WFTV Women in Tech: Camera and Lighting –
Extreme and Remote Locations 
Women in tech - camera and ligting
Lucy Wells.png
Lucy Wells | Natural History Producer / Director
Gail Jenkinson | DoP

In this edition of our Women in Tech: Camera & Lighting strand, chaired by natural history producer director, Lucy Wells with DoP, Gail Jenkinson covering how to best plan for shoots, how to trouble-shoot technical issues on-site and offer tips and techniques to get the very best out of your extreme location shoot.

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