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In conversation with drama Executive Producer Belinda Campbell
Belinda Campbell | Joint Managing Director, Red Planet Pictures 
Kate Brooke | Screenwriter & Showrunner

Join Belinda Campbell from Red Planet Pictures in conversation with host, Kate Brooke as they explore the recipe of creating a good TV drama series and the process of getting the series to air. In this session, they’ll be focusing on questions around:

  • What is great source material?

  • The process of turning source material into a script

  • The creative relationship between producer and writer


With both Belinda and Kate sharing through their stories and experiences - past, present and future – they’ll give you real life examples alongside tips and tricks throughout the session.

How to use social media efficiently: Twitter with Jo Booth
Jo Booth | Managing Director, Social Media Makes Sense Ltd.

Digital platforms are helping us stay connected on both a personal and professional level more than ever. Throughout the How to use social media efficiently events strand we will be exploring how you can best use these platforms to share and promote your work and grow your audience.

Speaking to experts, we will looking at tips and tricks around maximising your professional online brand. Looking at how to navigate each platform to showcase your work with online platforms to be able to get it seen, develop your career, find job prospects and grow connections with collaborators.

Time To get Tactical with Twitter! Do you struggle to harness Twitter’s full potential? Join our workshop with Social Media expert, Jo Booth, as she talks us through her top tips for getting traction on Twitter.

Jeanie Finlay | documentary filmmaker.
Grace Sweeney | Director / Producer

In this strand, renowned filmmakers talk about a film they have made that was important to them and take us behind the scenes to share the challenges they faced making it.


For this event, we will be joined by filmmaker Jeanie Finlay who will be talking about her Emmy nominated documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch with host Grace Sweeney.


Game of Thrones: The Last Watch goes behind the scenes on the final season in an unprecedented look at what it took to create one of the biggest shows in the world. The film is an intimate and personal insight which follows the on-set production during the final season and tells the story of the cast and crew and how the fantasy world of Westeros was brought to life.


Jeanie Finlay is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. She creates award-winning work for cinema and television, telling intimate stories to international audiences.


Game of Thrones: The Last Watch is her eighth feature film. Her previous film credits include BIFA nominated Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth, BIFA winner Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, The Great Hip Hop Hoax and Sound It Out amongst others.


In 2008, Jeanie set up Glimmer Films to develop and deliver documentary works made in the regions for an international audience.

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