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The WFTV Mentoring Scheme is a programme designed for women looking to take a significant step in their career. To apply for the Wales Mentoring Scheme you must have more than five years’ experience working in film, TV or digital production.


the 2023 WALES Mentees

Caroline Evans.jpg

Caroline Evans

Hair and Make Up

Erika Hossington.jpg

Erika Hossington

Series Producer

Helen Faulkner.jpg

Helen Faulkner

Sound Editor

Jenny Dafydd.jpg

Jenny Dafydd

Series Producer

Jenny Thompson.jpg

Jenny Thompson

Scripted Producer/Story Consultant

Kaite O'Reilly.jpg

Kaite O'Reilly


Rosemary Baker.jpg

Rosemary Baker

Self Shooting PD


WFTV has an extensive database of past and potential mentors who are keen to pass on their skills and experience to the next generation. Once mentees have been selected for the scheme they are hand-matched with an experienced industry figure who commits to spending at least six hours with their mentee over six months. Mentors are drawn from across the film and TV industry

  • Jeanie Finlay | Artist and Filmmaker

  • Katie Swinden | Film Producer

  • Lucy Price | Founder & MD, Loop Talent

  • Matt Barry | Screenwriter

  • Nina Hartstone | Sound Editor

  • Peter Wallis-Tayler | Executive Producer

  • Sam Hoyle | Executive Producer, Sky

the 2022 WALES Mentees

Alaw Evans.jpg

Alaw Evans 

Production Coordinator

India Pollock.jpg

India Pollock

Social Affairs Correspondent

Kylie Stanton

Kylie Stanton

Head of Production Services

Laura Taylor-Williams

Laura Taylor-Williams

Distribution Consultant

Loretta Preece

Loretta Preece

Series Producer

Mia Sands

Mia Sands

Script Supervisor

Zoë Howerska

Zoë Howerska

 Costume Designer


  • Caroline Hollick | Head of Drama, C4

  • Eve Gabereau & Gemma Spector | Modern Films

  • Lindsay Davies | Production Manager

  • Natascha Cadle | Creative Director and Co-Founder, Envy Post Production

  • Shelley Jofre | Senior News Editor BBC Scotland

  • Sophie O'Neill | Costume Designer

  • Susan Tully | Director

Meet the 2021 Mentees


Alice Rothwell

Senior Producer

Ana Garrido-1897.jpg

Ana Garrido

Director / Script Supervisor

Catrin Rowlands -IMG_1413.jpg

Catrin Rowlands

Producer/ Director

Hannah Williams-2391.jpg

Hannah Williams

Casting Director

Lowri Malinowski-0458.jpg

Lowri Malinowski

Multi-camera Director

Noomi Yates-1961.jpg

Noomi Yates

Producer/ Director/ Assistant Director

Sioned Geraint-2470.jpg

Sioned Geraint

Series Producer and

Producer/ Director

2021 Mentors

  • ​Cate Hall - Creative Director, Development for BBC Studios

  • Edwina Silver - Director of New Business for Matisse Media

  • Julie Gardner - Co-founder of Bad Wolf Studios

  • Kahleen Crawford - Casting Director

  • Laura Marks - Digital Commissioner, Channel 4

  • Rose Glass - Writer/Director

  • Sarah Gavron - Film Director 

  • Scarlett Ewens - CEO Matisse Media

  • Steve Smith - Multi camera Director

WHAT the MENTORS SAy about the scheme

Julie Parmenter

MD, Molinare

The Mentee scheme is an exceptionally rewarding programme to be part of. To watch the transformation of the individuals over the period of six months is astonishing. For anyone to have the time to dig deep into what is most important, set goals and implement change to reach them is a unique opportunity that very few will ever have.

Hilary Davis

Co-Managing Director,

Bankside Films

I was perfectly matched with my mentee and believe that we both derived a benefit from our series of meetings. Training is crucial for the continued development of careers, especially for women, as the commercial side of the business is often overlooked but is vital if films are to be successful in the worldwide market place.

André Singer

MD Spring Films

Nothing is more effective in our fraught industry than the marriage of experience to aspiration. Linking mentees with passion and drive to industry veterans prepared to guide them is a great way to help remove some of the many hurdles ahead.

The WFTV mentor scheme is a fantastic way to utilise the experience of TV professionals to further the careers of the next generation of content makers. The scheme benefits the mentees and the mentors equally - it really is a two-way thing, listening and discussing the minutiae of one's working life and realising that it was the small stuff that we had all but forgotten that made the big stuff possible.

Maddy Darrall | Joint MD Darrall Macqueen


We are very grateful to our Mentoring Scheme sponsor of our Wales based programme:

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