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About the Award

The film and TV industry still has many roles where women are underrepresented, and that is particularly stark in post production. We are delighted to bring back this WFTV award which spotlights new female talent in post production. ​The Elouise Carden Rising Star Award for Post Production is an award which recognises outstanding work by an early career woman working in post production.

Nominees are required to have worked in the industry for up to five years and have made a real impact on colleagues and/or clients. The award recognises someone who consistently goes above and beyond the expectations of the role and shows a genuine curiosity and passion for post production.


The eligible roles for the award are: 

  • Junior Audio Assistant  

  • Junior Facilities Assistant 

  • Junior Online Editor / Colourist 

  • Junior Post Producer 

  • Junior Technician / Machine Room Assistant 

  • VFX Assistant 

  • Runner 

The winner of this award will receive a £2,000 bursary which can be used for training, professional development and equipment to further their career in post. The nominations are considered by an industry jury, who will decide the winner and this will be announced at the WFTV Summer Party in July 2024.

WFTV 2024 Award - Post Production.png

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The form

You can submit your nomination for free and you can submit more than one person by completing more than one nomination submission form. You can view the questions before completing the form here

If you require assistance in completing the form, please contact

All nominations must be submitted by Monday 29 April, 17:00.

questions on the form

Questions on form

I would like to nominate section

You'll be asked details of your nominee including reasons why you think this person deserves to win this Award.

  1. Please enter your nominee's full name

  2. Please enter your nominee's job title

  3. Please enter your nominee's company name (if applicable)
    If they are a freelancer, please specify 'freelancer'

  4. Please provide links to your nominee's professional website or LinkedIn profile

  5. Please give us your reasons why this person deserves to win this Award in 2024.
    This statement will help inform the jury in their discussions.Nominees will have worked in the industry for up to 5 years, making a real impact on colleagues and/or clients. The Award recognises someone who consistently goes above and beyond the expectations of the role and shows a genuine curiosity for all aspects of post-production. Submissions are open to runners, junior technicians and machine room assistants, junior post producers, junior facilities assistants, junior audio assistants and junior online editors and colourists.
    Please note your application is the basis on which the judging will be made, so please provide as many examples and stories as possible of why they are an outstanding candidate for this award. Where relevant, please name recent films or productions in which they have shown excellence. Please note to be considered your response must be a minimum of 200 words.

Complete your details
We will only use this if we need to contact you for further information regarding your nomination.

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Elouise Carden was the co-owner and joint managing director of Rapid Pictures and Radiant Post Production.

After leaving University, Ellie joined EMap and then became Account Manager at Broadcast Magazine, where she fell in love with the people and realised the TV industry was exactly where she wanted to be.
Ellie joined Rapid Pictures as Marketing & Sales Manager in 2005. She quickly moved up the ranks and became the General Manager. In 2014 after the founding members took a step back, Elouise took over as Joint Managing Director and co-owner, along with her friend and business partner Ben Plumb. Since then, they have been key in the growth and success of the facility.

In September 2017, the duo further expanded and took over the space of a former post production company in Shepherds Bush to create Radiant Post Production, a sister company to Rapid Pictures. Ellie was largely responsible for the Sales & Marketing activities, as well as the HR at both companies. Both companies remain and operate successfully together. Ellie developed a rare and aggressive form of adrenal cancer in 2018. Despite the cancer spreading rapidly, Ellie continued work during her treatment for as long as she could but sadly passed away in May 2020 at the age of 39. 


Elouise was passionate about nurturing new talent in our industry, and in particular women working in post production. This award is in honour of Elouise and will continue the work she started.

highlights from 2023

​The Elouise Carden Rising Star Award for Post Production was awarded to

Daniela Rotaru, Junior Colourist at Glassworks VFX  in 2023.

WFTV 2023 Post Production Winner.png

highlights from 2022

​The inaugural Elouise Carden Rising Star Award for Post Production was awarded to

Hollie Griffin, Edit Assistant at Viacom International Studios in 2022.

Post Production Award Winner 2022.png
WFTV 2024 Award - Post Production.png


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