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APRIL 2023 events

BLUE BAG LIFE: Q&A with the filmmakers behind the unconventional Documentary
Lisa Selby | Di
Rebecca Lloyd Evans | Director
Natasha Dack Ojumu | Producer


Watch this conversation with the filmmakers from the upcoming unconventional documentary film: Blue Bag Life. The panel includes subject and director Lisa Selby, director Rebecca Lloyd Evans and producer Natasha Dack Ojumu.

Rachel Weisz | Actress
Alice Birch| C
reator, Writer, and Executive Producer
Anna Smith | Film Critic

Watch this  conversation around the psychological thriller, Dead Ringers. We were joined by the double-lead of the series Rachel Weisz and creator, writer, and executive producer Alice Birch. The online conversation will be moderated by film critic Anna Smith.

Upskilling: An Introduction to The Whole Picture Toolkit with the Film and TV Charity
Sophie Freeman | Engagement Producer, Film and TV Charity’s Whole Picture Toolkit
Kate Atkinson | 
Engagement Producer, Film and TV Charity’s Whole Picture Toolkit
Melissa Brown | Executive Producer, Wall to Wall
Kirsty Bysouth  | Production Executive, Wall to Wall

As part of WFTV's Upskilling programme, the Film and TV Charity invited WFTV members to an introduction to The Whole Picture Toolkit, a resource which is helping to make positive changes towards mental health on productions.

Hear from Film and TV Charity representatives Sophie Freeman and Kate Atkinson, alongside advocates and toolkit users Kirsty Bysouth (Production Executive) and Melissa Brown (Executive Producer) at Wall to Wall.

Upskilling: Creating TV Formats
Linda Green | Director, Leading Creative Talent
Hazel Marshall | Story Consultant, Trainer and Script Writer

In this event we were joined by co-authors of Creating TV Formats: From Inception to Pitch, Hazel Marshall and Linda Green, who shared the techniques and tools they’ve identified to get into a creative mindset and generate ideas for new factual TV formats.

Hazel and Linda dissected what a format is, why it is important and what a format needs in terms of story elements. They also gave examples of practical exercises you can use to help get into a creative mindset, to identify new hooks for format ideas and to explore the different story shapes a format might take.

If you have an idea for a format, or don’t, if you are looking to get new skills to develop formats or would like to refine your skills, or if you’re curious to know what makes great formats work, then this is for you.

Writers’ Group: Bing Masterclass with Nikica Markot-David,
Chief Production & Editorial Officer, Acamar Films 
Nikica Markot-David | Chief Production & Editorial Officer at Acamar Films
Christina Pickworth | Agent, Imagine Talent

For this April’s Writers’ Group, we spotlighted writing for animation in Children’s TV with a masterclass in the writing process behind the hit global television series for pre-school audiences, Bing.

In this event, Agent Christina Pickworth was in conversation with Nikica Markot-David, Chief Production & Editorial Officer at Acamar Films. They discussed the making of Bing offering insight to creating the authenticity of the series and reversioning of Bing across global territories, how they work with writers and dissecting the process of writing an episode.

Upskilling: The Role of the Access Coordinator with Bridge06
Julie Fernandez | Actress, Campaigner and Consultant
Sara Johnson | TV Drama Executive and Founder of Bridge06

As part of WFTV's Upskilling programme, Sara Johnson and Julie Fernandez from Bridge06 invited WFTV members to an introduction into the value of the Access Coordinator role and its part in the jigsaw of change around disability representation in the industry.

Writers’ Group: Writing Audio Drama with Rhianna Adams-Christie, Producer, Scripted Originals Team, Audible / Amazon
Rhianna Adams-Christie | Producer, Scripted Originals Team, Audible / Amazon
Christina Pickworth | Agent, Imagine Talent

Audio drama is an exciting and powerful platform for storytelling. Watch back host Christina Pickworth in conversation with Rhianna Adams-Christie, Producer within the Scripted Originals team at Amazon/Audible, to find out more about writing for this compelling medium.

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