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2023 events

The Beanie Bubble: In Conversation with Director & Writer
Kristin Gore
Kat Reynolds | Head of Drama Development, Various Artists’ Limited
Christina Pickworth | Agent, Imagine Talent

For July’s writers’ group host Christina Pickworth will be in conversation with Kat Reynolds, Head of Drama Development at Various Artists’ Limited.

They discussed Kat’s journey into the industry and career so far, as well as sharing insight to her role, the development process and working with writers.

Reforms to the Audio-Visual Creative Tax Reliefs with Saffrey Champness
 Isla MacGillivray | 
Partner in the Film and Television Team, Saffrey Champness 
Sinead McHugh | Partner in the UK and Dublin, Saffrey Champness 

Watch back this online conversation between Isla MacGillivray and Sinead McHugh who represent UK and Irish audit, accounting and tax practise; Saffrey Champness.

This session covered the key changes following publication of the draft legislation on the proposed reform of the film and television tax relief to the audio-visual expenditure credit (‘AVEC’). Isla and Sinead went through what has changed, what is staying the same, the value of the credit and the transitional rules, covering all the essential ‘must know’ points in this short webinar.

Liz Tucker | Chair, WFTV
Katie Bailiff | CEO, WFTV

The AGM took place both in-person and online via Zoom on Friday 8 September 2023. 

Fast Track to Fearless with Tracy Forsyth:
How to Get the Life You Want
Tracy Forsyth | 
Senior Leadership Coach

Do you often feel pulled in many different directions, like you are constantly running no-where fast?  Are you exhausted by trying to do it all?  Do you feel parts of your life are suffering for the benefit of others?  In this session, we will look at all aspects of your life to reflect on where you are now, where you want to be and what steps you can take to get there.  You will come away with new insight and able to take actionable steps to get the life you want.

This is the first session out of ten Fast Track to Fearless online events with Tracy Forsyth. The focus of this first session will be on how to get the life you want. 

Storytelling: Introducing Climate Change into the Narrative with Climate Spring
Lucy Stone | Founder, Climate Spring
Josh Cockcroft | Director, Climate Spring
Victoria Steventon |
 Director, Climate Spring

WFTV members were invited to this online discussion exploring the positive impacts of including climate change within our film and TV narratives. Climate Spring directors Lucy Stone, Victoria Steventon and Josh Cockcroft discussed how they work with gatekeepers of the industry to identify themes with potential to be developed into media content. They also explored how Climate Spring can fund development projects and expose them to key industry decision makers.

Meet the Commissioners (Unscripted): Helen Nightingale and Kirsty Hanson, UKTV
Helen Nightingale | 
Head of Factual and Factual Entertainment, UKTV
Kirsty Hanson | Commissioning Editor , UKTV

For this WFTV’s Meet the Commissioners (Unscripted), we were joined by Helen Nightingale, Head of Factual and Factual Entertainment for UKTV, and Kirsty Hanson, Commissioning Editor for UKTV.

Helen and Kirsty discussed the current landscape of unscripted TV, along with their thoughts on what makes a great show and sharing insights on how to get a project commissioned.

Between them, Helen and Kirsty’s recent commissions include Katie Piper: Jailhouse Mums, Blackadder: The Lost Pilot, Alison & Larry: Billericay to Barry, Gemma and Gorka: Life Behind the Lens, Classic Car Garage, Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, Wedding Valley, Alex Jones: Making Babies, Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making, Special Ops: Crime Squad UK, and Secrets of the London Underground.

Meet the Producer: Scripted Film & TV with Moss Barclay
Michelle Stein | Producer
Moss Barclay | Executive Producer, S
ee-Saw Films

In this session, our host and fellow producer Michelle Stein in conversation with See-Saw Films executive producer, Moss Barclay.

Michelle and Moss discussed Moss’s career path leading to See-Saw Films, along with any current trends she’s noticing within the industry, and insights on funding and developing projects.

Meet the Commissioner (Scripted): Julia Stuart, Director of Original Film, Sky
Julia Stuart | 
Director of Original Film, Sky

For this session we were joined by the Director of Original Film at Sky, Julia Stuart.

Julia discussed the current landscape of film and offering insight to the Sky Cinema commissioning process, her thoughts on what makes great film and sharing her thoughts on how to get a project commissioned.

Recent Sky Original film titles include Bonus Track, Ferrari, May December, A Good Person and Lee.

Script Supervising Workshop with Jennifer Carriere
Jennifer Carriere | Script Supervisor

In this online script supervising workshop, with script supervisor Jennifer Carriere, she introduced the role of the script supervisor and explored how the script supervisor works best with the rest of the production team, such as the director, producer, actors and writers to benefit overall production.

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