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JANUARY 2023 events

the making of elvis: In conversation with catherine martin & Mandy Walker *COMING SOON*
Catherine Martin | Production and Costume Designer and Producer
Mandy Walker | Cinematographer

Director-producer-cowriter Baz Luhrmann takes us on the moving journey of a rebel and an icon as America’s cultural landscape evolved over more than 30 years. Elvis celebrates the extraordinary life of a trailblazing artist, the loves and poignant losses he faced as a man and the timeless music and groundbreaking performances he gave the world. The film explores how Presley’s unprecedented rise to fame was sparked by larger-than-life manager Colonel Tom Parker, whose shortcomings were also primarily responsible for the singer’s tragic demise. Austin Butler and Tom Hanks co-star.

Watch back this conversation with multi-award-winning Production and Costume Designer and Producer, Catherine Martin (Moulin Rouge!, Great Gatsby and Australia) and Cinematographer, Mandy Walker (Australia, Mulan, Hidden Figures) who will be discussing their journey in the industry and most recent work on the critically acclaimed Elvis.

Catherine and Mandy offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film and devising the look and feel of Elvis in their roles and collaboration with Director Baz Luhrmann to achieve their creative vision for the film.

Catherine shared her creative inspiration and research process for designing the sets and costumes for characters and Mandy discussed the craft cinematography, sharing insights to the technical and creative aspects of her role and reflections on creative visual references and personal shooting style as well as the equipment she gravitated towards.

Behind the scenes of Disney+ Star Wars series Andor
Sanne Wohlenberg  | Executive Producer

Margit Pfeiffer | Sound Editor
Nina Gold | Casting Director
Hanna Flint
 | TV Critic

Watch back this conversation with multi-award-winning Executive Producer Sanne Wohlenberg, Sound Editor, Margit Pfeiffer and Casting Director Nina Gold, who discussed their experiences working on the latest series from the Star Wars galaxy; Disney+ title Andor. The discussion was chaired by film and TV critic, Hanna Flint.

Sanne, Margit and Nina gave a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series and discussing their work on Andor, recounting their experiences in the industry and what productions can do to be more inclusive of women.

Finance: UK & Irish Tax Reliefs for Film and TV productions with Saffrey Champness
Isla MacGillivray | Partner, Saffrey Champness
Sinead McHugh | Partner, Saffrey Champness UK and Dublin

Watch back this conversation between Isla MacGillivray and Sinead McHugh who represent UK and Irish audit, accounting and tax practise; Saffrey Champness.

The session covered both UK and Irish film & TV production tax reliefs – how to qualify and the value of each relief. They highlighted some key points to consider when setting up a UK/ non-UK project and discussed how the UK and Irish tax reliefs can be claimed by a production to best utilise the incentives in both jurisdictions.

How to Write for Continuing Drama with Jillian Mannion
Jillian Mannion | Screenwriter

Writing for continuing drama is fast-paced, fun and full of heart. The key to succeeding in this area of screenwriting is breaking down and understanding the components of what goes into storytelling for an ensemble cast with long-running storylines. 

In this seminar, screenwriter and former WFTV mentee Jillian Mannion shared her journey into screenwriting, dissected the continuing drama writing process and shared her own methods.

Writers’ Group: In conversation with Agent Andrew Mills, Revolution Talent *COMING SOON*
Andrew Mills  | Agent, Revolution Talent
Christina Pickworth | Agent

For January’s Writers’ Group host Christina Pickworth was in conversation with Agent Andrew Mills from Revolution Talent chatting all things writer representation for film and TV.

Find out what agents are looking for, how and when to approach them (and how not to!) and hear tips for finding and working with an agent.

Meet the Commissioner (Scripted): Amy Buscombe, Commissioning Editor, Drama, BBC Children’s 7+
Amy Buscombe | Commissioning Editor for the 7+ audience, BBC Children’s
Louise Ogunnaike
 | Development Executive, SISTER 

For January's WFTV Meet the Commissioner (Scripted), we were joined by Amy Buscombe, Commissioning Editor for the 7+ audience at BBC Children’s.

In conversation with Louise Ogunnaike, Amy discussed the current landscape of scripted drama in children’s TV, her thoughts on what makes a great show and sharing insights on how to get a project commissioned.

Amy’s recent commissions include Jamie Johnson, Malory Towers, So Awkward and Dodger.

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