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JULY 2021 events

Actors’ Group: Understanding Motion and Performance Capture
Victoria Atkin .jpg
Jessica Jefferies Headshot.jpg
Jessica Jefferies | Casting Director
Victoria Atkin | Actress

Join Jessica Jefferies, Casting Director and Victoria Atkin, Actress to discuss all things motion and performance capture.

Motion and performance capture merge the craft of acting with the digital world of film, TV and games.
During this event you will discover the differences between the two methods, how movement is captured and put into the computer, and tips on how to move into this side of performance as an actor.

Motion Capture
Fear Street Trilogy: Bringing the summer of horror to screen with Director Leigh Janiak
Fear Street
Leigh Janiak | Director
Anna Bogutskaya | Co-founder of the horror film collective The Final Girls

Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, loosely based on the R.L Stine books, is being launched over three weeks on Netflix. The films are set in the town of Shadyside, haunted for centuries with killings earning it the name of being the murder capital of the USA. Each film is set in a different year: Part One (out Friday 2 July) in 1994, Part Two (out Friday 9 July) in 1978 and Part Three (out Friday 16 July ) in 1666. 

Hear the trilogy’s director Leigh Janiak and host, Anna Bogutskaya, co-founder of the horror film collective The Final Girls, as they discuss Leigh’s inspirations for the film, the month-long writer’s room developing the story and connections between the three films, the 106-day shoot in Atlanta and working within the horror genre. 

Behind the Docuseries: Uprising
Soleta Rogan | MD of Rogan Production
Nancy Bornat | BAFTA winning Documentary Producer
Helen Bart | Senior Television Producer
Akua Gyamfi 
| Founder of The British Blacklist

Directed by Academy Award winner Steve McQueen and James Rogan, Uprising is a new three-part documentary series examining three events from 1981 - in January, the New Cross Fire which killed 13 black teenagers; in March, Black People’s Day of Action, which saw more than 20,000 people join the first organised mass protest by black British people; and the Brixton riots in April.

In this panel discussion the female executive team behind the series, Rogan MD Soleta Rogan, lead Executive Producer Nancy Bornat and senior series producer Helen Bart, will be in conversation with about the development process, sharing an insight to the making of the documentary which brings together testimonials from those who were there to explore race relations and reflect on the legacy of these historic events.

Uprising aired on BBC One on 20 July-22 July and is available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.

Uprising Event
Transitioning from factual to scripted, in conversation with writer Annalisa Dinnella
Annalisa Dinnella
Annalisa Dinnella - Headshot.jpg
Annalisa Dinnella | Writer
Christina Pickworth | Agent

For this month’s writers’ group, host Christina Pickworth will be in conversation with writer Annalisa Dinnella
They will be discussing Annalisa’s journey in the industry as a disabled writer, as well as her writing process from her experience working in TV documentary-making to writing across scripted mediums. 

In this session, Annalisa will be sharing her experience writing for film, TV and radio as well as taking part in writer development programmes, such as Channel 4’s 4Screenwriting and BBC Writersroom’s Writers Access Group and her tips for other writers interested in applying. 

Actors’ Group: Let’s Talk about Casting Type
Lola Williams | Agent New Wonder Management 
Natalie Anson-Wright | Acting Coach
Isabella Odoffin | Casting Director

As an actor, knowing your type can be an important part of your craft development and ensuring that you are put forward for the right roles. 

In this panel discussion, Lola Williams, Agent New Wonder Management and Natalie Anson-Wright, Acting Coach with be in conversation with Casting Director Isabella Odoffin, discuss the pros and cons of having a casting type. Alongside considerations and questions to ask yourself to be able to recognise your type and use this to your advantage in both finding roles and marketing yourself, the panel will also talk about casting types and their limitations. We’ll look at the importance of questioning our biases within the industry so that we can achieve inclusive and diverse representation in theatres and on screen.   

Casting Type
Secret of the Underground
Q&A: In conversation with the team behind Secrets of the London Underground
Siddy Holloway | Presenter
Nicki Gottlieb | Producer and CEO of Brown Bob Productions
Emma Griffiths | Series Producer

Presented by railway historian Tim Dunn and Siddy Holloway from the London Transport Museum, Secrets of the London Underground explores the world’s oldest underground system. Taking viewers to the hidden depths of the capital’s tube network, the series reveals the histories and people who designed it and offers unique access to the workings of the modern Underground which continues to be regularly used by millions. 

For this event, we were joined by presenter Siddy Holloway, producer and CEO of Brown Bob Productions, Nicki Gottlieb, and series producer Emma Griffiths, who discussed the making of the series and share behind the scenes insight into the production. 

Secrets of the London Underground started on Monday 19 July at 8pm on Yesterday.

Meet the Talent Managers: Vicky Bennetts and Hattie Wood
Hattie Wood | Head of Talent, Wall To Wall and Twenty Twenty 
Vicky Bennetts | Head of Talent, Wall To Wall and Twenty Twenty 
Liz Tucker | Chair, WFTV

Meet the Talent Manger events offer the opportunity to hear from leading talent managers from broadcasters and indies to give WFTV members a unique insight into what they need to do to secure their dream job.

As Hosted by WFTV Chair, Liz Tucker in this session, Vicky Bennetts and Hattie Wood, Joint Head of Talent for Wall To Wall and Twenty Twenty in London and Bristol, discussed the sorts of talent that they’re looking for, what to include on your CV and the experience applicants need to have to get a job at Wall to Wall and Twenty Twenty; and if they don’t have the right background what can they do to get that experience. They’ll also talked about their experience job sharing the role, how they came to job share and how they work together. 

Anchor 1
Short Film Club July
Q&A: In conversation with the team behind Secrets of the London Underground
Monique Needham | Filmmaker
Caroline Lindy | Filmmaker

Jaine Green | Founder,
Katie Bailiff | CEO, WFTV

Short Film Club is an event series spotlighting some of the best short films for WFTV members. Showcasing the work of filmmakers based around a theme, you will have the opportunity to watch the films selected for the Short Film Club, hear from the creators behind them and join in the conversation.

Hosted by WFTV and in partnership, a global streamer dedicated to short form content, this Short Film Club will bring together the filmmakers Monique Needham (Cashpoint) and Caroline Lindy (Kindred Spirit).

Introduced by WFTV’s CEO, Katie Bailiff and chaired by Jaine Green, they discussed the making of their films which subvert the genre of romantic comedy and reflect the experience of modern love.

In conversation with the Director and Producer of
The Return: Life After ISIS
Alba Sotorra Clua | Diretor and Producer
Vesna Cudic | Producer
Alison Millar | Filmmaker

The Sky Original documentary, The Return: Life After ISIS, provides exclusive access to a group of Western women who devoted their young lives to ISIS, including British recruit Shamima Begum, who fled the country with two school friends when she was just 15, and Hoda Muthana from the USA who allegedly incited her followers on Twitter to support the Islamic State. Universally reviled by the media, these women now tell their stories for the very first time.

Join documentary filmmaker Alison Millar in conversation with the film’s Director and Producer Alba Sotorra Clua and Producer Vesna Cudic as they discuss the experience of developing a film about this divisive issue, the emotionally challenging filming process and working with an all-female crew - half of whom were young Kurdish women who had lost family and friends in the fight against ISIS. 

The Return: Life After ISIS launched on Sky Documentaries and streaming service NOW on Tuesday 15 June, 21:00.

Anchor 2
WFTV Event: The Role of an Intimacy Coordinator
Intimacy Coordinator Event
Yarit Dor - Headshot.jpg
Yarit Dor | Intimacy Coordinator/ Director and Chair of Bectu’s Intimacy Coordinator Branch

Alongside calls for the film and TV industry to tackle bullying and harassment, productions are being urged to look at the duty of care of talent and crew when filming hyper-exposed and intimate scenes. In recent years, the role of intimacy coordinators has developed the landscape around industry guidance, practices and the control measures productions can put in place when filming.

In this event Intimacy Coordinator/ Director and Chair of Bectu’s Intimacy Coordinator Branch, Yarit Dor, will introduce the role of an intimacy coordinator and how it works with departments across production at all stages of a shoot to support artists and crew. Yarit will share what best practices should be in place as well as further industry resources and guidelines. 

This session is for all members working across production and with talent who would like to learn how departments can work with intimacy coordinators when filming, or for productions with smaller budgets, the practices that can implemented to create safe, consensual, and supportive working environments for all.

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