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JULY 2021 events

How to change your life by understanding your finances
Emily Man | Associate Partner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

When I worked in production I felt like the world of finance was not relevant to me. There are so many areas that are confusing – pensions; investments; insurance – it seemed like I should know the answers but I never did. But nearly five years of training and working in personal finance has shown me that it isn’t hard or complicated, and more importantly, it is a vital area to engage with.

This seminar will cover off the basics of planning for your financial future, giving you insights and tools to implement change. I promise no selling and no jargon, just galvanising straight talk. There will be time for questions at the end, but, if that is too open a forum for questions about your personal finance then do book a free 1-2-1 to talk through particular concerns. 

Actors’ Group: Understanding Motion and Performance Capture
Jessica Jefferies | Casting Director
Victoria Atkin | Actress

Join Jessica Jefferies, Casting Director and Victoria Atkin, Actress to discuss all things motion and performance capture.

Motion and performance capture merge the craft of acting with the digital world of film, TV and games.

During this event you will discover the differences between the two methods, reasons why a production chooses to work with them and the benefits and joy working within them as an actor. Jessica and Victoria will be also sharing guidelines around what to expect for fees, things to be aware of in contracts and tips on how to move into this side of performance as an actor.