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JUly 2023 events

Writers’ Group: In Conversation with Kat Reynolds, Head of Drama Development, VAL
Kat Reynolds | Head of Drama Development, Various Artists’ Limited
Christina Pickworth | Agent, Imagine Talent

For July’s writers’ group host Christina Pickworth will be in conversation with Kat Reynolds, Head of Drama Development at Various Artists’ Limited.

They discussed Kat’s journey into the industry and career so far, as well as sharing insight to her role, the development process and working with writers.

Imposter Syndrome: Gremlins & How to Mute Them
Sarah Wright |
Executive Coach and Director of WFTV's Four Nations Mentoring Scheme

Most of us will suffer from Imposter Syndrome – that persistent feeling that we are unworthy of our status or success - at some time in our lives. After all, those inner critical voices – or Gremlins – are part of us.  The problem is sometimes those voices get in the way of us succeeding and that’s when we need to turn their volume down.  

Watch back ICF trained, Executive Coach and WFTV’s very own Director of the Four Nations Mentoring Scheme, Sarah Wright, as she delves a little deeper into the source of Imposter Syndrome, examines why we are so susceptible to it and more importantly imparts some practical tips on how to mute that pesky inner chatter once and for all.

Developing Your Film Festival Strategy with Festival Formula
Katie Bignell | Founder and Film Strategist
Ian Bignell |  Film Strategist

Watch back and hear from Festival Formula in this online discussion as they shed light onto the current film festival circuit. Founder and film strategist Katie Bignell and film strategist Ian Bignell explore current trends they’re noticing in the industry, along with strategic advice on getting your film seen by the right people.

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