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NOVEMBER 2021 events

Q&A: In conversation with the creative team behind Face It
Face It Event
Miranda Walker | Creator and Writer
Michaela Hennessy-Vass  
| Producer
Crystal Marshall | Actress
Abigail Cruttenden | Actress

As part of BBC’s Culture in Quarantine commissions, comedy drama Face It explores how two women feel about their faces in our modern swipe-right world, and the unexpected impact of wearing Covid-19 face masks. In these character-driven monologues we meet straight talking Leonie and ambitious Abbey.


Watch a conversation with the lead female creative team behind Face It. We were joined by creator/ writer and WFTV mentee, Miranda Walker, producer Michaela Hennessy-Vass and on-screen talent, Crystal Marshal and Abigail Cruttenden.


The panel will be discussing the writing, producing and development process of the films and the importance of on-screen representation, with Crystal and Abigail sharing insight to their process of bringing the characters from script to screen.


Face It is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.

WFTV Four Nation Mentoring Schemes: How To Apply
Tracy Forsyth | Director of Mentoring Programme, WFTV
Sarah McCaffrey | WFTV Mentoring Producers, Northern Ireland

Karen Kelly | WFTV Mentoring Producers, Scotland
Hannah Corneck | WFTV Mentoring Producers, Wales

The WFTV Four Nations Mentoring Scheme is a programme designed for women looking to take a significant step in their career. We have four dedicated regions that our schemes cover: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
If you are thinking about entering for one of the WFTV mentoring schemes and would like to find out more about the schemes work and how to apply, then this event is for you.

Hosted by WFTV's Director of Mentoring Programme, Tracy Forsyth and Mentoring Producers Sarah McCaffrey (Northern Ireland), Karen Kelly (Scotland) and Hannah Corneck (Wales) will explain the areas and content that the schemes cover and advise on the crucial information you need to include when completing your application.

Mentoring Scheme FAQ's can be found here.

Mentoring Event 2022
The Colour Room Event
Q&A: In conversation with the creative team behind
The Colour Room, a Sky Original film
Clare Peate | Writer
Claire McCarthy  
| Director
Thembisa Cochrane | Producer
Georgie Paget | On-screen Talent
Phoebe Dynevor  | On-screen Talent

The Colour Room follows the journey of a determined, working-class woman, Clarice Cliff, as she breaks the glass ceiling and revolutionises the workplace in the 20th century.

In the grey industrial British midlands of the 1920s, creative young factory worker Clarice Cliff (Phoebe Dynevor) makes the bold move to take a lower paying job at a prestigious pottery owned by Colley Shorter (Matthew Goode). Driven by imagination and ambition, she fights her way through the deep prejudice of an industry caught in devastating economic hardship as she defies expectation and circumstance to become the designer of her own unprecedented ‘Bizarre’ range, ensuring the factory’s survival and becoming a trailblazer of Art deco. 

Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon, this event was joined by some of the female creative team behind the film, writer Claire Peate, director Claire McCarthy, producers Thembisa Cochrane and Georgie Paget and leading on-screen talent, Phoebe Dynevor.

The panel discussed bringing the life of a feminist icon and pioneering artist, Clarice Cliffe, to the screen in a story rooted in the industrial period of the Midlands and offer behind the scenes insight to the making of the film.

Q&A: Wildfire, in conversation with writer/ director Cathy Brady 
Cathy Brady | Writer & Director
Sarah McCaffrey | WFTV Mentoring Producers, Northern Ireland

Inseparable sisters raised in a small town on the Irish border, Lauren and Kelly’s lives were shattered with the mysterious death of their mother. Left to pick up the pieces after her sister abruptly disappeared, Lauren is suddenly confronted with the family’s dark and traumatic past when Kelly returns home after being reported missing for a whole year. With the intense sisterhood reignited, Kelly’s desire to unearth their history is not welcomed by all in the small town, as rumours and malice spread like wildfire, threatening to push them over the edge.

Joining us is the film’s writer and director, Cathy Brady, who will be speaking with WFTV Northern Ireland Mentor Scheme Producer, Sarah McCaffrey, to discuss her vision to tell this story rooted in the landscape of borderland Ireland and offering a behind the scenes insight to the development and making of her debut feature film. 

Sky Cinema’s Mass: An Actors’ Journey with Ann Dowd
& Martha Plimpton
Ann Dowd | Actor
Martha Plimpton | Actor
Wendy Mitchell
 | Journalist

Premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2021, the Sky Cinema film Mass observes two sets of parents (Reed Birney and Ann Dowd, with Jason Isaacs and Martha Plimpton) who agree to meet after an unspeakable tragedy in an attempt to move forward. The film follows the parents’ journeys of grief, anger and acceptance by coming face-to-face with the ones who have been left behind.

We were joined by Ann Dowd and Martha Plimpton to discuss their experiences working on the film with host Wedny Mitchell including their research and preparation for their dialogue-heavy, emotive performance. From reading Sue Klebold’s book and table reads to tips on playing characters with an intense emotional experience, we’ll hear about their journey to becoming the characters.

Writers’ Group: In conversation with screenwriter Jackie Okwera 
Jackie Okwera | Screenwriter
Christina Pickworth  | Agent

For this month’s writers’ group, host Christina Pickworth was in conversation with screenwriter Jackie Okwera.

They discussed Jackie’s journey in the industry, her transition from working in development as a script editor to screenwriting, working on continuing drama series and joining writers’ rooms. Jackie also shared an insight into her writing process.

Jackie Okwera
In conversation with the team behind Sky Arts: Bringing Arts & Culture to the Screen
Sky Arts
Phil Edgar-Jones | Director of Sky Arts & Entertainment
Elizabeth Day | Journalist, Author and Podcaster
Vanessa Woodard | Head of Partnerships, Sky Arts
Barbara Lee | Commissioning Editor – Entertainment.

In September 2020 Sky Arts became free to air resulting in a 180% audience increase. Over the past year the viewers of the channel have embraced the opportunity to watch Sky Arts and they now account for 62% of viewing to the channel. Joining us in conversation with Elizabeth Day is Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts & Entertainment, Vanessa Woodard, Head of Partnerships, Sky Arts and Barbara Lee, Commissioning Editor – Entertainment.

They talked about the principles of Sky Arts and teams response to the pandemic and what they did to adapt. Using real life examples such as turning Death of England from a theatre production into single drama the team will discuss the conversations and decisions, made to be able to bring performances to the screen. They also shared insights to how the team are working to create opportunities for the arts cultural recovery and participation with shows such as Book Club and Portrait Artist of The Week

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