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Thelma Schoonmaker to Receive BAFTA Fellowship

Multi award-winning editor, Thelma Schoonmaker is to receive the British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ highest accolade, the BAFTA Fellowship, at the BAFTA Film Awards on Sunday 10 February.

Schoonmaker is best known for her work on the films of her long-time collaborator, Martin Scorsese, such as Raging Bull, Good Fellas, The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street. She is the second most-nominated editor in Academy Awards history, winning the Oscar for Best Editing on three occasions – a joint record.

The BAFTA Fellowship is given to an individual in recognition of “an outstanding and exceptional contribution” to film, games or television. Schoonmaker, whose career has spanned more than 50 years, said she was “staggered to be asked to join such an illustrious group”.

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