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SEPTEMBER 2021 events

Supporting Afghanistan – Foreign Correspondent Lynne O'Donnell gives her insider's perspective
Supporting Afghanistan
Lynne O’Donnell headshot.png
Lynne O’Donnell | Award-winning Journalist
Liz Tucker |
Chair, WFTV

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Afghanistan the future for all its people, particularly women, is deeply worrying.


In this event, WFTV Chair Liz Tucker talked to award-winning journalist Lynne O’Donnell, who returned from Kabul at the end of August, to discuss what we in the West can do to support the Afghan people and journalists reporting on this tragedy.


Lynne has just spent three months working in Afghanistan, so this event offers a unique opportunity to go behind the headlines, find out the reality on the ground and get an insider’s perspective on the country.

Directing VR and Immersive Storytelling 
Charlotte Mikkelborg | An award-winning Director/ Immersive Creator 
Shehani Fernando | An award-winning Producer/ Director

Mary Matheson | Virtual Reality Director 
Dee Harvey  | Writer-Director 

Watch this focused discussion on directing virtual reality and immersive productions. 

Hosted by VR creator Dee Harvey, joining the panel will be VR director Mary Matheson, director/immersive creator Charlotte Mikkelborg, and immersive producer/director Shehani Fernando

They will be discussing the creative process of directing factual and unscripted VR content, from finding the story to the practical points directors should be aware of when shooting and in production. This event is an opportunity for directors interested to learn more about VR and immersive storytelling technologies and practices, and for those working with directors to gain insight to the different considerations needed by departments for these projects.

Helen O'Hara
In conversation with Helen O’Hara, Author of Women vs Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Film
Helen O’Hara | Journalist
Sarah McCaffrey | WFTV’s Mentoring Producer for Northern Ireland 

Helen O’Hara joins WFTV’s Northern Ireland Mentoring Producer Sarah McCaffrey in conversation to discuss her latest book; Women vs Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Film.

We’ll find out what compelled Helen to bring the stories together of the incredible women who were pioneers in the industry but written out of film history. Helen examines women's roles - both in front of and behind the camera - since the birth of Hollywood, how those roles are reflected within wider society and her thoughts on achieving gender equality in both the industry and more broadly.

Writers’ Group: In conversation with Rose Matafeo, creator of Starstruck 
Rose Matafeo - Headshot.jpg
Rose Matafeo | Comedian, Writer and Actor
Christina Pickworth  | Agent

For September’s Writers’ Group, we were joined by comedian, writer and actor, Rose Matafeo.

In conversation with Christina Pickworth, Rose discussed her career journey and breaking into the UK industry, balancing the roles of being a comedian, writer and actor, the experience of creating and starring in her recent hit comedy sitcom Starstruck and shared an insight to her writing process.

Rose Matateo
Fearless Confidence
In conversation with Helen O’Hara, Author of Women vs Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Film
Tracy Forsyth | Executive Coach and Career Consultant, Fast Track to Fearlesss

Have you ever felt as if you’re trying to be someone else to get to where you want in life, but for some reason it’s not working? Or are you holding yourself back from achieving your ambitions because you don’t believe you’re good enough or are afraid what others might say.


But what if you were able to banish imposter syndrome once and for all by becoming Fearlessly You? Tracy Forsyth is a certified Executive Coach and Career Consultant ( and believes that to do this – you need to replace self-doubt with self-belief. In this session she will show you 5 steps to grow in confidence and clarity about who you are and what you have to offer.

Sex Education: Writing a Global Hit with Laurie Nunn and
Selina Lim
Selina Lim Headshot.jpg
Laurie Nunn Headshot.jpg
Selina Lim  | Screenwriter
Laurie Nunn | Writer 

Sex Education is back! It’s third season (released Friday 17 September) brings another year at Moordale with a new headteacher Hope (Jemima Kirke), who wants to return the school back to being a pillar of excellence. In this season, Otis (Asa Butterfield) is having casual sex, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) discovers feminism, Jean (Gillian Anderson) has a baby on the way, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Adam (Connoer Swindells) are official, and we’ll hear more from Madam Groff (Samantha Spiro) too.

We’re joined by Sex Education creator, writer and executive producer, Laurie Nunn and Screenwriter Selina Lim. They will be sharing insights on the writers’ room, developing storylines and character development an production stories from this season. We will also hear about Laurie’s move towards becoming an executive producer and how the series has developed her career. 

SexEd S3
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