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Announcement from the Chair, Liz Tucker

Updated: Mar 4

I just wanted to let you all know that after six years as chair, including several as acting CEO, I am standing down and this will be my last day as chair. It’s been such an exciting and exhilarating time to see WFTV grow and build its influence across our film and TV industry to support and amplify women’s voices to fight for greater fairness and representation.


In these six years, WFTV’s membership has more than doubled, our mentoring training has grown from one single scheme to additional schemes in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and this year we launched a sixth scheme focused in the north of England.

We’ve launched the Pat Llewellyn Bursary to provide development funding for TV broadcast proposals, specifically targeted at freelancers and smaller indies, because we know how critically important that development funding can be in getting your project green-lit.  Other schemes now include our new leadership scheme and the Kay Mellor Screenwriters’ Lab.

We’ve also seen a huge expansion in our WFTV events programme, both online and in-person, and are continuing to increase our regional events output across the UK. And our annual awards ceremony continues to grow in stature and profile.

Now I feel it’s time for others to lead the organisation on to its next stage of growth, so I am delighted toannounce that Isabel Begg, our current vice-chair, will become our new chair.


Isabel is a lawyer and has over 30 years’ experience in the film, TV, radio and music industry. Isabel spent 21 years at the BBC, heading up business affairs in a number of different BBC departments.

She is currently a director and vice-chair of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Her other non-executive roles in the past have included being on the BAFTA Film committee and on the board of Film London.

Isabel says:

“WFTV remains a vitally important organisation - providing inspiration, strength and knowledge to all women in our industry. I am very excited and proud to be a part of the next chapter of WFTV, helping to usher in awareness and inclusivity across the UK.”

And stepping in to the vice-chair role is Mel Rodrigues.


She is an award winning business leader, with twenty years’ experience in TV production, developing and training talent.

Based in Bristol, she currently runs her own company Gritty Talent which aims to support people from under-represented groups in TV, film and other creative areas. Prior to this, Mel worked in production and has a range of network credits and also had leadership roles at Channel 4 and the BBC.

Mel says:

“We are experiencing a moment of incredible change in the way we carve out our careers as women in film and TV. It’s an honour to be part of an organisation that can play such a pivotal role in supporting women across disciplines, backgrounds and career levels to stride forwards amid these challenges.”

I wish Isabel, Mel and the board all the very best for the future and with the organisation so ably led by Katie and the rest of the brilliant WFTV staff, I am sure the best is still to come!

Liz Tucker

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