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It's Upskilling April

Throughout April WFTV will be hosting a special event series on upskilling, with talks, workshops and 1-2-1 clinics designed to develop your skillset. From focused insights on different fields and roles in the industry to how you can best collaborate with others and, get the most out of your project, there’s something for everyone whichever stage of your career you’re at.

View the series summary below and register for the events now:

In this workshop, Nigel Abbas, Founder and CEO of specialist TV Law Firm Abbas Media Law, will summarise the key changes to the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and explain how they affect the various stages of production, including:

  • the casting and selection of contributors;

  • identifying and then managing contributor duty of care risks during filming;

  • responding to duty of care concerns after filming has ended and in the lead up to transmission; and providing appropriate post- broadcast aftercare.

Series Producer and Senior Edit Producer, Jo Woolf, has been working in Factual TV for over 20 years and has been in edits for a large proportion of this time.

In this session, Jo will share her journey as to how she first became an edit producer, will identify the skills she believes you need to do the role well, and will offer advice on how you can get considered for this much sought-after role.

This is an introductory session about the role of an edit producer. Members working as Producers and Shooting Producer/Directors who might be interested in transitioning to edit producers might find this session useful.

In this interactive session, trailer editor and producer Fraser Bensted will be discussing the art of the trailer, why it is an important tool in a film’s marketing strategy and how it can position a film in different commercial markets, providing case studies as examples.

Fraser will also be sharing the important rules of a good trailer, including the key creative, commercial and budget considerations to keep in mind with your project.

There will also be time during the talk for members to have their questions answered by Fraser.

Choosing a career as a freelancer can create working life that suits you both creatively and financially. In this session Alison Grade, Author of The Freelance Bible will be sharing her expertise on being a freelancer not only being great at working ‘in’ the work you do – but being great at working ‘on’ your freelancing. She will speak about personal branding, how to grow your network and better position yourself within your market and charge your clients to build a sustainable business. You’ll learn why freelancing is like dating and how you can use this knowledge to be strategic when winning new clients.

We are joined by Jules Waring, who recruits freelancers for RDF Television as Head of Production Talent. Having worked her way up to Series Producer level in unscripted TV, Jules moved over to talent management nearly 20 years ago.

Both a CV and cover letter are the marketing tools which tell a company why you and your experience should be considered for a role on an upcoming production or within a company. In this practical session, Jules will give you some tips on how to refresh your CV and how to accompany it with a strong cover letter you feel really confident with.

Join TV composer Claire Batchelor for a fascinating look into her working process.

From discussions with a director to having a spotting session, learn how you can collaborate creatively with a composer and how to effectively communicate about scoring music for a project. In this session, you will gain an insight as to what a composer does once you've given them your brief, and how best to express yourself when giving feedback notes on music.

This session is open to all members who are interested in the role of a TV and film composer, no music knowledge is needed.

Your CV summarises your career and is the way to open doors to your next job, so making sure it has the relevant experience to fit the job you’re applying for whilst also containing your skills and character can be tough. Sara Putt of leading industry agency Sara Putt Associates will be sharing tips on how to edit your CV for the role you’re applying for and tips and tricks to be noticed so that you’re invited to interview.

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